Common Antibiotics

The day by day changing body resistance is responsible for frequent changes in the antibiotics. These medicines are able to remove the bacterial effects for our body. A number of antibiotics are available in market. For managing different disease, doctors prescribe some of the antibiotics along with other medicines to get rid of a patient from the illness. The prescription is written according to the physical and medical conditions of the patient.

Prolong use of chemicals through the food grain has changed the body resistance system. As per clinical researches, at every 10 years, the body cells reject accepting the same medication for recovery. This is because of internal changes due to the chemical intake. One can take the example of Anacin. Before 30 years, this medicine was quite effective to manage the body ache and common cold in children but the 125 mg dose of this medicine is not able to manage even common cold. Children need at least 250 mg of this medicine. The production of the medicine has now been stopped. This is due to change in physical resistance system of our body.

The less manufacturing of antimicrobial medicines is one of the causes to use the antibiotics. In the market a number of antibiotics are available and customers can take them without any written prescription of doctors.

Reasons to consume antibiotics

Though, the general medication is enough for healing of some kind of illness but use of antibiotics is preferred only because of faster relief. The bacterial impact may cause longer duration of any disease. To overcome the problem and to root out the same, antibiotics are normally used. But it is strongly recommended that the use of antibiotics should only in acute need. Normal use of these medicines may create danger to the health. Without bacterial impact, the use of these medicines may also result in excessive deposition of chemicals in our body which is ultimately harmful.
Some of the common antibiotics

AmoxicillinAmoxicillin: This is one of the best antibiotics available in market and capable to handle all type of bacterial removal. In case of common cold or coughing, the use of this medicine will provide faster relief. This medicine is available in 250mg, 500 mg power versions. Adults may take 3 dosages per day but it is recommended to give only half dose to the children below 13 yrs. This antibiotic is effective in healing up of eye related problems, coughing, wound, bleeding and fever etc.

doxycyclineDoxycycline: This is another very important antibiotic available in market without ant written prescription of doctor. This medicine is available in 200 mg power version only. Doctors recommend taking only one dose daily but children below 13 years are not advised to take this hard medicine. They may feel vomiting and dizziness if consumed.

tetracyclineTetracycline: This antibiotic is especially designed for use by the wounded persons. The common use of this medicine is in the form of injection. Direct injecting in the veins is more beneficial rather than talking a tablet of capsule of the same.


How to avoid Unsafe Online Medications

In an era of online medicine, and critical body parts surgery help available online, patients are finding dependable ally in form of online help. Latest developments taking place in medical field are getting great impetus from these technological advancements. However, online help has also paved way for quacks, spurious and fake drug manufactures who are ready to make its use for their paltry gains. During their online visit, people can come across number of ‘expert medical aid’ or ‘self proclaimed medical experts’ who share their ‘invaluable medical tips’ with patients.

Know what unsafe online medication is

Be it hernia, diabetes, lever ailment, sex related or psychological problems, one can find all cure with easy medication suggesting websites. Improve your appetite, increase your height, regain your body glow, confidence, sex appetite are some catchy phrases they use to fool gullible visitors. In fact, one can find all decorative stuff in these websites prepared by experts who pour their heart in preparing its contents. A number of banned pharmaceuticals companies start operations with another fake name with different online name. The practice is rampant and easy money involvement, the business always finds new way to attract its target.


While alert visitors well aware of their tactics do not fall in their trap, but innocent and uninformed visitor who have no idea about the real intention use their offered supplements and instant energy drinks. Here are some tips one can use to avoid these:

  • No matter in which part of world you live, you can always check for authorized medical authority’s approval
  • Check for FDA approval in case of MNC
  • Its past record
  • Its clinical test reports and different stages results
  • Number of patients, drugs was used
  • Side effects if any
  • Its reaction with other drugs

fdaHowever, it is to be seen that certain genuine medical help providers offer authentic help also. It has to do with your body exercises, posture ailments and other body ailments. User shall check from a registered medical practitioner before using any medication.

Avoid all lucrative offers available online and check for their authenticity first. In recent case, a person suffered from face scars when they used an online face herbal cream. The poor chap has to cope with scars now and is no position to avail any claim as product manufacturer has vanished. There are number of other horrific stories related to such online medication.

How to avoid it

They can check for its credentials. They shall speak to their medical expects before making its use. If they approve it then only they shall use it. Even for small ailments, don’t use online medication. Every disease has its own characteristics and requires a different treatment. A drug cannot offer you ultimate cure. Moreover, use of wrong anti-biotic, painkiller, sedatives, anti-inflammatory doses can affect your body parts and can cause serious injuries or organ failure. Its wrong doses can cripple you throughout your life. So, availing information from site is good but using it without an expert help can be fatal.